must have firefox extensions

WARNING: geeky entry ahead. i need to write a few here and there to keep my geek-in-a-closet card, ya know?

i recently had to reinstall firefox on my laptop and with that came all of the extensions that i had grown accustomed to using.

in no particular order, but still what i would consider my essential list of extensions:

Web Developer – i don’t know if this comes with firefox or not, but i cannot imagine using firefox without it. i probably use the resize option the most.

User Agent Switcher – as a developer, having to fake different browsers (especially mobile devices) is just amazing. i love it.

Auto Copy – this automatically copies into your clipboard anything that you highlight. very useful. once i was using firefox without it and i couldn’t figure out what i couldn’t cut and paste what i wanted. i repeated highlighting, alt-tabbing to a notepad and pasting, but getting something totally different. i must have done that three times before i realized i didn’t have this extension installed.

SessionSaver – this is the coolest extension i’ve seen in a long while. it basically remembers what windows you had opened when you last closed firefox and reloads those pages. very handy for when you accidentally close a browser.

Linkification – i don’t even notice anymore if people have webified URLs because this does it for you. it’s pretty handy and neat.

CustomizeGoogle – this cleans up google. removes ads and just makes for a better google experience. also uses google suggest, which i love.

Tabbrowser Preferences – i always install this, i don’t remember why, but i know i need it. some kind of tab preference change that i need to make.

PDF Download – ever hate how slow it is to fire up the integrated adobe reader in your browser? ever want to download the PDF without having to right click and save as? this extension gives you the option to download or view the PDF link. really nice.

start of a better morning?

i went to a coffee shop this morning, groggy, and not in the best of moods. this was mostly attributed to the fact that i had to wake up at 6:15AM this morning to move my car.

i went to a local coffee shop and ordered a drink. my total came out to $4.06. i produced four dollars out of my pocket and, seemingly in vain, i checked my pockets to see if i had any loose change. the prospect of carrying ninety four cents in change didn’t really appeal to me.

as i was searching my pockets (i didn’t think that i had any change, but checked anyway…you know, “just in case”) and i felt some change.

“no way. i have change on me? well, it doesn’t matter, it’s probably two pennies or something useless like that,” i thought to myself.

when i removed the change from my pocket and looked at it, i saw a shiny nickel and dull penny. six cents. i stood there in disbelief.

“wow, looks like it’s going to be a good day!” exclaimed the cashier.

“maybe it is,” i thought to myself, “maybe it is.”

apartment complex parking

my apartment complex is currently going through a paving project which basically entails half of the parking to be closed off. this means that half of the residents are displaced and need to find parking OR they need to move their cars by 7AM before getting towed.

i couldn’t find a space last night, so i had to move my car before 7AM this morning. it was rather unbearable to wake up so early and i am currently sitting at an internet cafe sipping on some coffee and trying to feel rested even though i haven’t gotten enough sleep.

the first idea was that i would get up, get in my car, and drive around the lot hoping to find a space. as i was driving around the complex this morning, i noticed several other people driving around the complex (some still in pajamas) doing the same thing. looks like none of us had any luck. i gave up and left the complex. kind of sad, but i guess that’s the way it’s going to be for the next couple of days.

every day is better than before

on monday morning, when i tried to get out of bed, i collapsed because the pain in my leg was so excrutiating that i couldn’t bear any weight on it. eventually, i was able to limp over to the bathroom to start getting ready.

on tuesday morning, when i tried to get out of bed, there was a great deal of discomfort, but i did not fall to the ground. i may have yelped in pain, but was able to get to the bathroom with some labored effort.

on wednesday morning, when i tried to get out of bed, there was noticeable pain, but i hobbled off to the bathroom without incident.

this morning, when i tried to get out of bed, there was pain, but nothing horrid. i got to the bathroom and as i was brushing my teeth, a sudden sharp pain exploded in my leg. i guess it needed some time to wake up and feel the pain.

overall, the pain has lessened with each day. today, i’m going to try and walk around without a noticeable limp. there may still be some wincing, but we’ll see.