northstar at tahoe

this was a busy weekend for me. on saturday, i went to the begonia festival in capitola where there was a sand sculpture making contest. that was pretty cool to check out the various designs.

sunday was a day trip to northstar. i have been pretty excited about this trip to northstar, but the aftermath of the trip makes me really reconsider how wise it is to go on such a trip again.

i took a pretty bad fall off one of the trails and was thrown off my bike. i landed on my leg and skidded down a while on the rocky path. i cut up my leg pretty bad. luckily it doesn’t look like i’ll need any stitches and nothing was broken, so it could have been worse.

while i was down at the bottom getting checked out by the EMT she looks at my wound and says, “ooooh, interesting!”

i was like, “what?! no, i don’t want to hear that from you!”

she says, “you usually don’t see fatty tissue coming out of a wound that doesn’t look like it will require stitches, but if you look here, you can definitely see the fatty tissue coming out of your wound. it’s pretty interesting.”


“do you have any other questions?”

“yeah, what’s your name?

“oh, my name is erin,” she smiles surprisedly.

i like to know the name of people who squeal at how interesting an injury is. yeah…thanks, a lot, erin!