mrs. fields

i was at the mall late last night and i was walking past the mrs. fields store. the worker there was calling out their last hour sale. buy 4 cookies, get 4 free.

i wasn’t planning on buying any cookies. really, i wasn’t.

but i ended up with 8 cookies when i left the mall.

i am so weak.

the spice islands

dardy, mia, leeya and i went to the spice islands in mountain view off hope and castro last night.

when i asked dardy if he had ever been there before, he said that he did and it sucked! i as a little concerned, but i have eaten there once before a long, long time ago and didn’t recall it sucking.

we ordered a bunch of dishes and the food was pretty good. i don’t know how the restaurant survives because it doesn’t look like anyone dines in there, but the food was pretty good and i will be back there again. dardy had even said that he has changed his mind about the place and that he’d go again.

he did, however, refuse to order anything for fear of ordering something bad again. =P

i went to tea era after dinner to discover that they were CLOSED! it’s a good thing that i had already had pearl tea earlier in the day. but still, i was really looking forward to having some of that barley milk tea.