happiness is…

wardriving around palo alto, desperately searching for a hot spot to kill some time only to give up after spotting happy donuts and just finding comfort in a donut only to find out that they have free wireless internet there too.

man, donuts, lots of power, and the internet. what more could you ask for?

tv schedule

i’m getting a little afraid of what my life is going to look like now that the new season of tv shows is upon us. i tried making a little chart of the tv that i want to watch and i think if i were to watch 34 hours of tv a week.

34 hours.

i don’t know what is more sad right now. is it sadder that i am debating if i should start clearing out my schedule so i can watch that much tv or if i am debating if i should keep really busy so i have no time for ANY tv.

a simpler time

i went to lunch at what is rapidly becoming my favorite lunch destination here near work, bar code. i know, i know, it seems obvious that i would have a bias for a pearl tea shop, but their food is actually pretty decent and reasonably priced.

while i was there, grease was on tv. i was watching it while eating and though i wished that i could have seen the “grease lightning” song. i did see the “you’re the one that i want” song, though.

the movie reminds me of a simpler time. it reminds me when you would say what you mean, do what you want because you want to do it, and there were no complications. the last time i felt like that was years ago. it seems that the older one gets the more complicated life becomes.

still, it was a nice memory to relive when things were simpler.

going home

i went home last night to see if i can fix my parent’s DSL. my brother had complained that it was broken so i decided to check it out to see what was going on. it turns out that the hardware was fine, but something was wrong with the login, so i told my brother to go and call the DSL people to get his account all fixed up.

while i was at home, i also decided to put on my plates on my car. i haven’t memorized them yet, but it’s just a little sad to see my car with license plates now. for some reason, jenna just doesn’t feel as new as she used to. what surprised me was that jenna’s already got 10,000+ miles on her! man! that’s crazy!

while i was leaving home, my parents asked me if i needed any briefcases. that’s right. briefcaseS. plural. of course, i asked them why i would need more than one briefcase, but they didn’t seem interested in answering that question. instead, they produced two briefcases for me to inspect. one of them had imprinted on it a HUGE LOGO of my dad’s company. apparently my dad’s company made a bunch of these polyester briefcases made. they are actually pretty nice.

the second briefcase is one that my dad got in his recent golf tournament. it is aso made out of some kind of heavy duty polyester material. but it’s a titleist briefcase. i’m not sure if that was supposed to impress me or not. but i took both. =P

i also took home their broken replaytv and i’m going to try and fix it one more time and use it myself. we’ll see if it works any better for me now. this will mean that we have 4 replays in the house. 4. i’m going to let jen use one of them, but i’m going to enforce a STRICT no asian soap opera policy on it.

someone asked me recently why i don’t hang out with jen in the living room more often. i told them that jen is constantly driving me out of the living room with her soap operas instead of, you know, watching some english tv.


i think that i’ve bought something off ebay twice. the first time was for nelson’s birthday present. it was some space ghost shirt auction. where else can you find that stuff except on ebay? the second time was for this board game called compatibility. both times i’ve been very happy with my purchases.

this time i’m bidding on another birthday present for another friend. it seems that the only time i really go to ebay is when i have something very specific in mind and am desperate to get it. we’ll see how this auction works out, i’m currently the winning bid, but i bet that’ll change as the auction date gets closer to ending. i really hate auctions, it’s too stressful, especially when the prices get close to retail price.