e-ring is the most retarded tv show i’ve ever seen in my life! you’d think that it is about how the military executes all of these exciting covert operations, but instead it seems like it’s just a lot of arguing and politics with really campy acting.

i thought that we would get to see the lead characters moving into the field, but they are just administrators getting the operations set up. it’s not exactly what i was thinking it would be and it’s very disappointing. i don’t think i’ll watch another episode. it’s just that bad.


i just watched an episode of bones. i really like it. the writing is ok, the action is not bad, but i really like the dynamic between the two main characters. i have always wondered what would happen to the angel star, david boreanaz, and he does a good job of changing his role from the vampire angel to this role.

the show looks promising, i think i’ll keep watching.

t-minus x…

i cannot believe that it has been over three years since i’ve seen jenny. all these years and we’ve still been able to keep in touch. i wonder how she has changed since she’s made the big move over to NYC.

i’ll be on my flight in less than 6 hours. the flight is going to be intolerably long, but this will also be my first trip to new york. i am really concerned about whether or not i am going too light with camera gear, but i just can’t bring everything with me. i’ve decided to try and go light, but i broke down and am packing two lenses with me.

i guess that’s not so light.

jamba juice

i walked into jamba juice yesterday and ordered a drink. when the cashier asked for my name, i told him, “josiah.”

he goes, “oh, cool! we were going to name my nephew josia.”

a little surprised, i said, “oh really?”

“yeah, josia is the black man’s joseph, you know?”

i thought that was hilarious!


i’m going on a mini-vacation to NYC. i’m flying out tonight, actually. this on the heels of the news story about the jetblue flight that took off in LA, circled around and performed an emergency landing because the landing gear got stuck sideway shortly after they took off. the plane was headed out to NYC, and jetblue is the airline i’m flying. =P

i don’t think it has really set in yet that i’m going to be flying out to NYC. as such, i haven’t really gotten as excited as i think i would be.

many years back i went to visit portland and one of the main reasons i went there was to check out cameraworld. while in new york, i think i am going to go visit b&h camera. =P

i know, i know. camera stores are not attractions. for most people, anyway, but i can’t help it. i’ve got some time to spare and i think that it would be fun to check out. it’s too bad that there’s nothing that i really want right now, but i’m sure i can find something if i try REALLY hard.

how different we’ve become

it used to be that you and me…we were so alike. we liked the same things, we thought the same way, we saw the same things in life as important. how is it that we’ve changed so much?

a long time ago you and i shared the same ideas about life, love, and everything. we had the same outlook on life, the kind of cheery optimism that perhaps only youth could provide. we had the same ideals about love, what love means, what we want from love, and what love is all about. and when it came to everything else, it seemed that we were step for step in line.

but now…

now we have grown so far apart, it amazes me that we once were so similar. have i just not grown up? is it that i’m still living in this kind of naivete and it is ignornance that is keeping up this facade?

i look at you, the things you do, the things that are important to you, and i see that we are just so different now. so very different…

i refuse to give up on my ideals. i refuse to believe that what i’ve wanted all my life are now things that i need to give up on and make compromises. i refuse to believe that everything that i’ve believed in, everything that i’ve hoped for, everything that i’ve dreamed for is unobtainable. i refuse to give up.

and that’s what i think you’ve done. the sadness that sweeps over me when i think about how much you’ve changed, how much you’ve given up, and how much we’re different hit me hard today. i’m sad because i had hoped for so much more for you. i’m sad because it makes me wonder if you had given up on all of these things, if you of all people, who once i thought was so much like me, then i wonder if maybe these dreams i have are really just pipe dreams.

i refuse to believe that. you are the one that changed. you are the one that gave up. sometimes i feel like i’m just holding out, waiting for the impossible to happen. sometimes i feel like i’m alone, searching for what i’ve always wanted, but never really able to get it. sometimes i feel just a little defeated. today, i saw what happens when you give up. i’m just not ready to give up.