lazy weekend

this was probably one of the first lazy weekends i’ve had in a long, long time. i’ve always had something planned, somewhere to go, or something to do. this weekend, i had a few minor errands, but nothing planned that took more than half an hour. it was odd.

it was odd not having to go somewhere. it was odd not having to rush from place to place and fill up that weekend. but it was also nice. i got to do things that i don’t usually get to do. i watched a DVD.

celluar seemed like kind of a lame movie. the idea that some woman calls some random guy after she had been kidnapped and everything that transpires after that seems very unlikely. still, i was able to get into it and it was alright. i would have to say that the movie ends rather abruptly, i’m not really sure if i really liked that.

i’m thinking about watching another movie before turning in tonight. we’ll see if i have the energy to do it. it’s still relatively early though.

i also watched the niners game today. MAN! talk about a niner fan’s dream come true. WHO IS tim rattay? i mean, i’ve always heard all these great things about him, but wow, he played better than i’ve ever seen him play. and bryant young. man. what can you say about his performance, except, wow.

the game was pretty amazing, nothing at all like i had expected. i’m very excited to see the rest of the season play out now.

after football, i went to coach the JACL C Pool league. that was pretty fun. we had a lot of people show up to run drills and i think that it went pretty well. we’ll see how many people come week.