weekend of fun

this weekend came and went pretty weekend. it was a long weekend and there was a lot that i did. i don’t know how i managed to fit it all, but it was good fun. i have so many photos to post, i’ve been backlogged. maybe later tonight i will sit down and start posting everything.

on saturday morning, i went to berkeley early to watch cal play illinois. before the game we went to eat at steve’s bbq. i haven’t been to steve’s in a long time. the prices seem like they’ve been raised since i last went, but the food was pretty good.

the game started off a little rocky, but it once things got going, it was much better. greg borrowed my camera and looked at some pictures that i had taken. he took some pictures and said the kind of pictures i take and the kind of pictures he takes are very different. he ended up taking pictures of the cheerleaders. =P

sunday was a pretty good day, i woke up early to go to ella’s not-so-surprise birthday party at the park. she had alreadys suspected that something was up, but it was still good. after that i went to coach at JACL and then there was league. lots of volleyball that day, i’m kind of sore right now.

now it’s back to the grind on monday.