wireless @ jetblue

i’m currently connected to the internet via the free wireless connection afforded by jetblue at JFK. it’s pretty neat. my flight’s just about to board so i guess i should pack up and get ready soon.

my trip to NYC is just about over and as short as it was, it was a lot of fun. i hope that i’ll come back some day to visit all of the things that i missed the first time around.

not quite an update yet

i’m in new york. this will be my second and last night here. i’m not quite ready to recap all that i’ve done so far, but it has been a full, fun, and fabulous trip so far. it’s about 4AM here and i’ve come back from a night of drunken fun. it seems to be the norm here.

i’m kind of bummed out that i haven’t been able to get ahold of one of my friends here, but time really is running short and i think that i want to take things pretty easy tomorrow.

the one thing i will say about new york is that it is much cleaner and nicer than i expected. i’m not sure if i thought it would be so dirty because of movies that i’ve seen or what, but it has been pretty pleasant for the most part.

i haven’t gotten lost on the subway, yet. i’m hoping that i don’t, and though the subway maps can be a little hard to decipher at time, it really isn’t so bad.

alright, it’s pretty late here, i should probably hit the sack.