trouble at work

something i have been working on seems to be broken. i’m not sure if it is my code or if it is just bad data, but whatever it is, it’s taking a ridiculously long time to finish this process. i tested my code, i really did. it *should* work, it really should. so i’m really hoping that it is just bad data and i’ll be absolved of any wrong doing.

i’m really hoping that it’s just bad data. =P

ode to da cindy

cindy, cindy, she’s so grand,
she’s the best, you understand.
she writes with prose oh-so-pretty,
and her entries are always quite wity.

she doesn’t understand what it means
that being “a’ight” isn’t worth causing scenes
but let me just say right now
hey, girl, don’t have a cow!

you’re the bestest
i can definitely attest
so don’t be offended, yo
be happy, you’re not really so-so.

sick of pizza?

i think that i’ve finally hit the point where i’m sick of pizza. i wasn’t sure if that was even possible. i had pizza twice last week and i think that i had pizza twice this week, too.

last night, dardy, paul, leeya, nelson, and i went to pizza chicago and had a pizza dinner. it was quite tasty.

i think that they could be my favorite pizza place. i really like the great chicago fire pizza there. delicious. we also had the al bundy with sausage (a completely vegetarian pizza just won’t do). that was pretty good, too.

the plan was for four guys to eat two large pizzas. half a large per person isn’t so bad, right? it turns out that i couldn’t finish my half and i brought home a slice. i have so many pizza leftovers in the fridge now, it’s ridiculous!