it’s getting cold in here

i never like the change of the weather when it starts to get cold. gone will be the days where one can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. gone are the days when i can walk without an umbrella fearing the rain that will come and melt me away.

a ex-co-worker of mine told me once that i am not so sweet that i will melt if it rains to which i asked her, “are you sure? i’m pretty sweet.”

but it looks like the gloomy days are here again and the rain will come down upon us all. it’s been getting cold and with the change in the weather, it looks like i’ll have to dig out some of my warmer clothes. i think that i need to do some shopping and find some warm clothes as well.

and to top it all off, daylight savings is coming again this weekend. don’t forget to fall back an hour on sunday!

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