thanh and tung’s wedding

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2004/0601/CRW_6804.jpg&title=thanh+and+tung%27s+wedding][/url] i went to thanh and tung’s wedding this weekend in LA. this has been a long time coming and to see it come to fruition makes me so happy. right now, i believe that they are vacationing away in fiji! that is pretty cool, if i do say so myself. i’ve known thanh since my freshman year in college and through the years we’ve become good friends. she knows me…really knows me and the two of us have been through a lot. she’s seen the highest of my highs and the low of my lows. we’ve shared our sad tales and rejoiced in our happiest of times. when i first saw her at the banquet i was just breathless. my little girl has grown up! her and tung looked so happy and they have always looked so right for each other. it brings me such immense joy to see true love flourish and prosper.

they are the reason why i still believe in true love. they continue to reaffirm my belief in true love. Despite the experiences i’ve had when it comes to love, they are the reason that makes me believe that finding your true love is possible. They are the seed for my optimism and you can see their love just by being in their presence.

congratulations, thanh and tung. may this journey be filled with unabounded joy and happiness.


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