i’ve been toying with various panoramic shots and i think that i’ve been obsessed with getting it perfect. you know, seamless, photos stiched together to make what appears like a huge photo. but lately, i’ve been charmed by some of jimmy’s panos. i don’t know, there’s something very stylistic that i see in that kind of pano. it makes me want to experiment a little and see what i can do that way too.

dull headache

i’ve got a dull pain running around in my head. i’m not sure what it causing it, but it has been present since earlier this evening. i have an idea about what it could be, but lately it seems like i’ve been really moody. one second i could be just fine and the next i seem to be really not.

these days the emotional rollercoaster seems to be going to extremes. i feel like one moment i’m riding high and i’m happy as can be with not a care in the world. the next moment i’m irate at some comment someone made or something just as silly.

i’ve thought that i’ve generally had a pretty easy-going temperament, so it surprises me if something sets me off and that something isn’t a big deal. why do such things happen?

i think my tolerance for things has grown short, for no apparent reason. i try not to act on these irrational impulses i have, yet it’s hard to restrain myself.

i’ve been irritated for the last couple of days, though. i think it’s time to let it all go and just chill a little. maybe it’s my old age that is making me crusty. =P

sunday volleyball

i really think my sunday night team is starting to come together and gel really well. it’s too bad that there are only a few weeks left in the season. but i’m having a ton of fun with this bunch, maybe the most fun i’ve had in JACL so far.

our team did reasonably well going 3-1. there are only a few games left so we have to make the best of the season while we can.

i was asked yesterday to help organize the outdoor volleyball tournament for JACL. i think it’ll be a lot of fun and i’m hoping to get together a team. i’m not sure who i will get, but i’ve got some people in mind.