my roommate and i have now lived in the same apartment for about fice and a half years. in that time, we’ve probably seen something like 10 neighbors move in and out of the apartments surrounding us. but the spot that seems to move the most is the apartment directly below us. i don’t know why, but man, that place keeps rotating tennants.

i’m positive it isn’t us. it can’t be us, right?

yeah, that’s what i keep telling myself.


oh man, i haven’t been keeping up with this show, but i LOVE the tension, angst, and torture that the characters are going through. the love triangle between eva, simon, and johnny is GREAT. it brings me back to the days of dawson’s creek.

eva and simon are getting married. it doesn’t seem like eva and simon share the same kind of passion that eva and johnny (her ex) shared. eva’s kids and friends believe that eva is settling with simon because she could have a secure life with him. i think she even knows that deep down, but is too afraid to admit it because then she won’t know what to do with her life. all of her friends don’t think that simon is the guy for eva, either, but they are supporting her because simon is who she needs, despite what they really want or what they think is best for her.

ultimately simon figured out that eva’s heart isn’t really into him. he realizes that she doesn’t really love him. he realizes that he fits the image of what she considered enough or ideal in a marriage. he realizes that he isn’t really the man for her and he leaves her. i think it takes a great man to recognize this and it takes incredible amounts of courage to walk away.