i got my hair cut over the weekend and i’m not terribly happy about it. it’s a little shorter than i would like. the problem stems from the place i went to. my normal guy is on vacation for three months (which means about three bad haircuts for me) and so i’ve been rotating around to different people. so far i’ve had two bad haircuts and i would imagine that i’d have another bad one before my regular stylist comes back.

oh well. such is life. at least it only costs me $7 to get a bad haircut. it’s far worse to have to spend much, much more and be that unhappy. i remember a friend of mine once got her hair cut for something like $75. she was so unhappy with her hair that she called the stylist back and told him how unhappy she was. he set up another appointment for her to fix it, free of charge. of course, if you are going to be charging that much money for a little cut, you better make sure that your customer is happy with it!

busy weekend – sunday

mike casting out

early sunday morning i did a load of laundry before heading out to meet up with paul, mike, and greg to go fishing in half moon bay.

i left after a few hours because it was getting cold and i needed to do some more laundry. the apartment is a complete mess, and i’ve been trying to get it cleaned up with no success. my roommate is currently in china for work and so it’s just me in the apartment. i don’t know why, but i go through cups like toilet paper. as i was cleaning the apartment, i could not figure out how i went through 5 cups in one day. i mean, they are all mine, and they are all full of water.


later in the evening i went to the jacl mixer night and played some volleyball. it was a lot of fun and i was one of the setters for the evening. i think that i do enjoy being a setter, but i wish i was more consistent.

there were cream puffs at the mixer. man, i think i ate about 10 of those things inbetween games. i took a bunch of pictures too and i spotted someone else with a canon 20D there. next weekend is playoffs, i’m looking forward to it.

busy weekend – saturday

this weekend was a busy weekend for me. it was a lot of fun, though. saturday started with some lazying about the apartment, but i finally got myself out and about for a bike ride. i think i did a quick 8 mile ride before i decided it was time to head back home. nothing too strenuous, but i realized that i really do need to bike more often to get back into biking shape.

while biking, i found a new tapioca express. there are now two tapioca expresses and a q-cup within 6 blocks of me. i cannot possibly ask for more, can i?

after biking, i sat down and started to watch harold and kumar go to white castle but then leeya asked me if i wanted to have dinner with her and some friends so i decided to stop the movie and headed over there.

dinner was most excellent, as always. paul really brought out the steak that night and i was going to make steak that evening, but i guess i didn’t have to.

mexian train dominoes

after dinner we played this game called mexican train dominoes. it was a lot of fun and i’d like to play it again. it’s almost fun enough that i’m considering getting the dominoes set with tiles that have up to 12 dots per half.