the biggest compliment

i got an email today from one of the guys that i play volleyball with today. in the email he asked me if i was going to be playing in a summer tournament, and if so if we could play together.

one of the things that i really try to stress when playing volleyball is that this is about having fun. sure, there’s a competitiveness to the sport, but there’s just nothing more important than enjoying what you do.

in past seasons where i’ve been the captain of the team, i’ve been very concerned about whether or not the team was having fun. and so when i was asked to be captain this season, i had some reservations at first about it. but it seems to have worked out really well and i think i’ve made a few new friends in the process.

but i think it is a huge compliment to be asked to play on a team with someone else. i bet the guy doesn’t realize it, but it warms the heart.

unintentional pick up line

i was playing volleyball the other night and there was this girl sitting on the sidelines that looked very familiar. inbetween points, i’d glance over at her and she’d sort of look back with what seemed like a reciprocal recognition. finally, in the middle of the game i realized where i had remembered her from and what her name was.

after the games, i went up to her and said:

me: hi. do i know you from somewhere?
her: uhhh, no, i don’t think so.
me: is your name Angel?
her: nope.
me: oh. i’m sorry. it’s just that you look like this Angel that i know.

immediately after that all her friends were like “ooooooh!” i had then realized what i had said and then blurted out “oh no! that’s not what i meant!”

man, if only i were that smooth intentionally…