sleepy me

sleepy mike

i really do need some good sleep. i haven’t been getting much of any and i’ve been going into work late as a result. i’m going to try and go to sleep early tonight. we’ll see how that goes.

jamba juice fun

me: i’ll have a razzmatazz, no bananas, sub blueberries, with a vita-boost, please.
cashier: ok, razzmatazz, no bananas, sub blueberries. and what’s your name?
me: josiah.
cashier: what?
me: josiah.
cashier: how do you spell that?
me: uhhh.. J-O-S-I-A-uhhh…H?
cashier: that’s a pretty name.
me: thanks!

i never had anyone ask me how to spell it before. i almost got caught with my fake name. why wouldn’t you know how to spell your own name? good question!