tru calling

davis: look i know it’s been a few months since luke died, but, you know, if you are starting to have feelings for someone you should just accept it.
tru: it just feels soon, is all.
davis: it’s always going to feel soon whether it’s today, tomorrow, or four years from now.
tru: well, how do you know when you’re ready?
davis: you fall in love again.

who knew that such wisdom could come from such a show?

white balance

i learned something very important about white balance this weekend. though i love the 20D, its automatic white balance certainly leaves a lot to be desired. i didn’t think it made much of a difference until i started to compare some pictures i had shot in RAW with their JPG equivalents. i think that i may be doing a lot more custom white balancing in the future. when did taking a picture become so much work?

dinner with thanh

on friday i met up to have dinner with thanh and tung. i haven’t seen thanh in so long, i had almost forgotten what it was like to talk to her in person! most of our communication these days is over IM. anyhow, i met her and tung at their new home. it’s quite nice, i like it, cozy and inviting. their walls are painted various pastels that i think really warm up the place.

we had dinner at this korean restaurant in oakland. the food was great and i was stuffed. after dinner i headed over to eric and ivy’s place where we talked about photography stuffs before settling in and getting ready for warren’s bachelor party.