trying not to be one dimensional

i was talking to a friend the other day and we were talking about love, hope, and where one draws the line between holding out for true love and getting realistic and making compromises. i guess all through the years, i still cling on to the hope that i will find my true love. i guess a big part of me still wants to believe that i can have it all. it’s a scary thought to think that i’ve been on the dating circuit now for close to 15 years and i still haven’t gotten it right, but i’m not sure what it is that has kept this hope alive.

my friend asked me if i knew exactly what i was looking for. was i too picky? was i asking for too much? i told my friend that i don’t think that i’m being too picky, but if i happen to meet a fun, cute, pearl tea-loving, volleyball playing, photography enthusiast, i wouldn’t complain.

but then i got to thinking about how similar i really would like my significant other to be. i wouldn’t consider the pearl tea thing a must, but it’s awfully nice seeing how much of it i consume, anyway. as for the volleyball playing or photography…i don’t know, those are my interests and though i think that i would enjoy sharing that part of my life with my significant other, i wonder about how it would be like if i dated someone who was big into those things. too similar might be kind of boring. i think having a nice balance of the two is probably ideal.

i know that i do not deal well with women who are difficult. well, does anyone really say that they want someone who is difficult? probably not. but i think that with women who have very strong personalities and are overbearing, i don’t think that i would tolerate too much of an attitude thrown at me. it’s a bit of a turn off.

but anyway, the reason i bring all of this up is because i’ve come to realize that volleyball has taken up 4 of the 7 nights of my week. i think that it may just be getting a little excessive! i need to tone it down a little and find some other interests. what they may be, i’m not sure.