late nights, early days

Today started with the realization that my server was down. Add to that that i had a huge presentation at work and i started the day rather grumpy. I woke up around 5 this morning so that i could finish up the work for the big presentation and got into work a little after 7. i worked feverishly until the moment of the demo and all the work paid off. The demo went successfully and i am happy to report that a big load has been lifted from my shoulders.

Now that the work stuff has been taken care of, i need to see if i can revive my server. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but i guess i’ll soon find out. Hopefully all it needs is a little push of a button to power itself back on. We’ll see soon enough. I’m going to make the trek over to redwood city soon and see what the deal is there.

I am tired. I need to go home and crash. Unfortunately, the apartment is in a bit of disarray so i should probably go and clean it up a bit in preparation for the return of my roommate. She hasn’t been around for a few weeks now and when left to myself, i tend to get a little sloppy.

But it’s all good. I’m just glad that things went smoothly at work and i’m hoping that things will go just as smoothly with the server. I haven’t had any access to email all day today. That is a little distressing. I wonder how much email has bounced.