red envelope

a friend’s wedding is coming up and i was going to give the couple a red envelope. i asked my roommate if she had any and she said that she did.

she gave me a red envelope and i looked at it and blinked at her.

me: “uhhh, this isn’t the right envelope.”
her: “sure it is.”
me: “what does it say on this envelope?”
her: “joy, happiness, and prosperity.”
me: “yeah, this isn’t the right envelope.”
her: “what do you mean?”
me: “there’s a special one for weddings. double happiness or something equally chinese.”
her: “oh, i suppose there is.”
me: “yeah, i want that one. give me that one.”
her: “i don’t have any of those. this is good enough.”
me: “no, i want to be a real chinese person. get me one of those special envelopes!”
her: “fine, fine, i’ll go get some later.”
me: “sheesh, and you call yourself chinese!”

i’m not chinese, but i’ve ALWAYS used the same kind of envelope for weddings. it just wouldn’t feel right any other way.

shopping adventure

i asked mia today if she would help me out with some clothes shopping tomorrow. i’m not completely convinced that i have all the clothes that i need to wear at a wedding tomorrow, so i’m going to go and buy a few necessities. i think all i really need is a nice dress shirt that goes well with a tie.

i’m going to try very hard not to buy a blue dress shirt. the last wedding i went to had a zillion guys wearing them, including me. it’s time for a new color. but what? i’m not so sure…

i think i may need slacks too. *sigh* too much shopping for too many things!

forgot my LCD again…

last night, as i was headed to meet up with abe for dinner, i realized that i had forgotten to take home the LCD that came two days ago. this was the second night in a row that i had forgotten it!

this time i wrote a big note on my whiteboard to remember to take the LCD home. let’s see if i can somehow forget it now!

but yeah, i have some great ideas on how i’m going to be using that LCD. we’ll see if it pans out. i guess this means that i need to clean my room a little bit tonight. it’s a good thing the weekend is coming soon, i think i’m going to need the break to relax just a little bit.

abe and dounya

last night i met up with abe and dounya after far too much time has passed. i met their beautiful daughter, melina. she was supposedly very cranky yesterday but i thought she was pretty delightful for most of the time. parenthood has really changed them, but in such a good way. i played with melina for a little bit, she is just adorable.

it really made me think about what is important in life. spending time with abe brings back to me this kind of exuberance that only he can really muster out of life. i remembered what it was like to work with him and how much fun it was. i remembered what it was like to be so passionate about what you did that you looked forward to going to work everyday…even weekends.

spending time with him and dounya does really warm the heart and i wish that i would spend time with them more often. they are truly blessed people.

i also saw their wedding album. i can’t believe it’s been nearly five years since they’ve been married. the album was beautiful and it gave me several ideas about what kind of pictures to take at a wedding. i haven’t really spent a lot of time taking pictures in that kind of setting so it was really nice to see. looks like i’ll be getting a little practice this weekend at warren’s wedding.

stressful moments

today has been a little bit stressful. a bunch of things didn’t happen that i was sort of hoping would.

i woke up to realize that an interview that i was supposed to be conducting was taking place very soon. i rushed to work, but missed it. luckily, paul filled in for me.

i’ve been so busy at work and with other things on my mind that i haven’t really been giving the volleyball tournament i’m organizing enough time. as a result a few things have slipped so i spent a good part of today trying to get back on track with that. my co-chair is not being very proactive about helping. in fact, she told me that she decided to demote herself to vice chair. ahem.

and to top it all off i haven’t been able to figure out why this one section of my code is all bugged out. i hate buggy code. i hate that i write so much of it. =P

i ran out of the apartment this morning thinking a million thoughts and now that the day is finally settling down, i feel like i’ve started to catch my breath and relax just a little bit.

i think that i might leave work a little early and just kind of cool off and relax a little bit before volleyball tonight. looks like i’ll be subbing again.