if you know me as…

if you know me as josiah, jonathan, stuart, bob, or george, you must work in the food industry because the only times i use those names to refer to myself is when i have to leave a name with an order.

if you know me as roger wilco, wilco42, or wilco, you must know me only online.

if you know me as michael, you must be a family member.

if you know me as jackal or willy, you must know me from a MUD.

if you know me as tatanka, you are a cruel high school friend of mine.

if you know me as tadashi, you must be miho.

if you know me as tamago, you must be annie.

if you know me as mike, we’ve probably met.

if you know me as mike t., you must know my other friend mike c.

if you know me as tanaka, you must be a co-worker or in the company of mike c.

if you know me as tiger tanaka, you must be either adam or randy.

if you know me as that “hot, sexy dude”, i might want to know you.

speaking of daylight savings…

is it too much to ask that my camera that retails for $1500 to know to adjust the time for daylight savings? i know, i know, it isn’t a computer, so i guess i shouldn’t whine so much, but i just found out that my timestamps have been all wrong since the weekend.

that isn’t that big of a deal, except that i’ve decided that i’m going to make today the day that i do “the hourly project.” this project will basically be a project where i take a picture once an hour throughout the day to document what an average day is like. now that i realized that the time on my camera is wrong, i changed the time, but now i’m positive when i look at the pictures i’m going to get all confused as to how i missed an hour.

$50 limit on gas pumps

i was surprised to find out that the gas pump stopped filling my tank out when it reached the $50 mark. i knew that my tank wasn’t full yet, but it still stopped filling the tank with gas after it hit $50.

i have two reasons for why this could be the case. firstly, and most importantly, i bet that the gas pumps preapprove your credit card for a $50 charge. so when you put in your card, it preapproves it for that amount, so you can’t excede that, because it hasn’t determined if you can cover it. secondly, i bet it’s also a safety issue. $50 worth of spilled gas isn’t nearly as bad as a pump just spewing out an unlimited amount of gas everywhere (ala zoolander model fun at the gas station).

but anyhow, it’s annoying that i couldn’t fill up my tank. grrr. stupid gas prices. i think i filled up at like $2.71 / gallon today. ridiculous!

ipod disappointment

i’m disappointed that my ipod didn’t automatically adjust its time for daylight savings. what is the point of being able to set the time zone that your ipod is in if you aren’t going to do daylight savings too?

that’s lame.