mountain biking

“hey anyone interested in mtn biking Almaden Quicksilver this
weekend. Start off easy, since everyybody probably still has their
bikes in storage.”

i liken almaden quicksilver to hell on earth. i think i may have to find alternative biking this weekend because i’m such a pansy.

jenny said that most people think that i’m a pansy when they meet me and only people who really get to know me might think that i’m a sweetheart instead of a pansy.




i have one friend who is trying to kill me, and another who thinks i’m a pansy. ain’t life grand?

trader joe’s

sometimes i think that i take for granted what it means to live in the bay area. sure, you get great weather, great diversity in food, and an interesting night life, but the thing that i always forget about is how amazing trader joe’s really is.

i walked into trader joe’s hoping to find some goodies for the big fondue dinner (BFD) this weekend. depending on the success of the BFD, i may hold these more regularly.

one of the things i love about fondue is that it is more than just eating. i think that it is much more of an immersive experience. you can’t help but lounge about and leisurely enjoy some good fondue. the key here is that you need to make sure that you gather together people who are capable of such delightfully interesting dinner conversation. it just makes the evening much more engaging and intimate. the problem is that to pull this off, you really do need a rather small gathering of people.

anyhow, i’ve got some more shopping to do, but i do love trader joe’s. where else can you buy two buck chuck?

fremont citybeach volleyball

fremont citybeach

i went to take a few sports pictures to test out the new camera and see if it was a marked improvement from the old camera. two of my chief complaints with the canon 10D is that its autofocus, though a HUGE improvement from the D60, was still a little sluggish and the camera itself still bursted a little slow for some heavy action volleyball.

one of the challenges i’ve had shooting sports photography is timing and taking pictures in low light at high ISO. usually the images look grainy and hardly usable. i must say that though i didn’t spend a lot of time taking pictures last night, i’m quite impressed with the 20D’s high ISO in low light abilities, especially when shot in jpg.

it seems everyone is jumping onto the raw bandwagon, but i just don’t want to exert that kind of effort into processing a photo. it’s just too much work for me and i’m lazy. =P

thursday night ramblings

i really ought to be sleeping right now. instead, i find myself wide awake sitting on my bed waiting to get sleepy. that’s what it’s been like lately. i’ve been waiting to get sleepy. the clock slowly ticks its course and before i know it, it’s past 2AM again. it’s usually around 2:30 that i panic and i force myself to close my eyes and think sleepy thoughts.

usually i fall quickly asleep after i make the effort to go to sleep, but somehow that doesn’t seem quite right to me. i remember a time when i would go to sleep because i was sleepy and i couldn’t take it anymore.

this may be a sign that i need new reading material at night. i cannot read more than 10 minutes into any book before i promptly fall asleep. i wonder why that is. i wonder if i have some kind of reading disability. i usually tend to lose interest in whatever i’m reading pretty quickly. or maybe i’ m just lazy. that is completely possible.

i had dinner with jimmy tonight and watched him play a little bit before the urge to play myself overcame me. i really wasn’t planning to play tonight and i played awful, but still, there is some satisfaction of going out and doing something instead of sitting at home waiting for life to happen. i am still trying to figure out what my thursday night activity should be, though. with poker nights gone, the week seems so empty.