ten weeks

i just heard today that a friend of mine is engaged to be married. this, by itself, is not uncommon. what is a little surprising is that they’ve only been dating for 10 weeks.


when i first heard the news i was shocked because it just seemed so sudden. but wow. i’m happy for the guy. he has been on cloud nine since he started dating her and they seem like they are really in love.

and that’s all it really takes. fate to step in and you can suddenly be whisked away into a whirlwind of happiness that can’t be described as anything short of perfection. circumstances can change and where once one was filled with sadness one can now be elated beyond any recollection.

that’s the thing about love. its power overwhelms you. it inspires you to do things that you did not believe you were capable of.

i still believe in love, after all these years and after hearing that my friend has found it, i couldn’t be happier for him. it just reaffirms my belief in the institution of love.

do the right thing

as i was going out to get my free ice cream, i knocked over my glass of water and it spilled all over my desk.

a small voice in my head told me, “do the responsible thing. clean it up!”

the louder voice in my stomach told me, “it’ll still be there when you get back from your FREE ICE CREAM.”

you’ll be happy to know that i did the right thing. i got my ice cream.