apartment complex parking

my apartment complex is currently going through a paving project which basically entails half of the parking to be closed off. this means that half of the residents are displaced and need to find parking OR they need to move their cars by 7AM before getting towed.

i couldn’t find a space last night, so i had to move my car before 7AM this morning. it was rather unbearable to wake up so early and i am currently sitting at an internet cafe sipping on some coffee and trying to feel rested even though i haven’t gotten enough sleep.

the first idea was that i would get up, get in my car, and drive around the lot hoping to find a space. as i was driving around the complex this morning, i noticed several other people driving around the complex (some still in pajamas) doing the same thing. looks like none of us had any luck. i gave up and left the complex. kind of sad, but i guess that’s the way it’s going to be for the next couple of days.

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