t-minus x…

i cannot believe that it has been over three years since i’ve seen jenny. all these years and we’ve still been able to keep in touch. i wonder how she has changed since she’s made the big move over to NYC.

i’ll be on my flight in less than 6 hours. the flight is going to be intolerably long, but this will also be my first trip to new york. i am really concerned about whether or not i am going too light with camera gear, but i just can’t bring everything with me. i’ve decided to try and go light, but i broke down and am packing two lenses with me.

i guess that’s not so light.

2 thoughts on “t-minus x…”

  1. nyc is awful. where do the complaints begin! that jenny girl is probably the same ole boring girl she always was. i hope you try to have fun this weekend. good luck! 😉

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