whenever ago…

ten years ago: i had just started college. it was hard waking up for my morning classes and i met my current roommate for the very first time. she thought i was weird.

five years ago: i broke up with the girl that i had dated for 6 years. everything was changing, i was changing. i was looking for new meaning, new purpose, a new life.

one year ago: i have been playing volleyball for a while, working at my job for a while, and things seemed to be pretty stable and secure.

one day ago: i had played one of the better games of volleyball that i’ve played in a while, but was one of the most stressful days i’ve had in a long time. i usually don’t feel stress, so to be stressed was a little unnerving.

one hour ago: i went to starbucks to get some coffee and went across the street to get a blueberry bagel.

ah, life is good.

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