predisposition to be like our parents?

is there such a thing? i remember growing up, i used to think that my dad used to work way too hard, but now that i look at myself, i see that in my professional career, i’ve clocked in some pretty crazy hours myself. i never thought that i would end up like that. i never really wanted to be like that, so i’m not sure how it is that it turned out like that. it’s funny how things work out.

so it makes me wonder if we have some kind of predisposition to be like our parents, even if we didn’t really want to be like that. they say that there are patterns that people follow. that is, if you were in a household where the father figure was abusive, you may turn out to be abusive or take abuse and think it’s ok.

i wonder just how true that is.


out of touch

last night i was reminded of something that saddened me a little. i was reminded about how easily it is that we can fall out of touch with our friends. if you don’t make an effort to keep yourself up to date with the, i guess it is true when we say “out of sight, out of mind.”

i’ve been trying to make up for it and with my recent injury, many of my nights have freed up as a result. last night i had burritos and pearl tea with dardy at la bamba and verde. at one point it was just the two of us alone at verde while the staff was amusing themselves by singing karaoke to music videos. the singing was bad.

tonight, i’m trying to meet up with my other friend, maureen. we see each other about twice a year, i’m afraid. it’s kind of sad, i wish i saw more of her, she’s one cool girl. we bumped into each other the other week at the cupertino village, so it’ll be nice to catch up with her.

i’ve come to a realization the last few weeks. i’ve been falling out of touch with some people who i really wish i wasn’t falling out of touch with. i know i haven’t been trying as hard to stay in touch with people, and that is my fault. i’m trying to rectify that, but i have to admit that after leaving work, it’s hard to be motivated to do anything else when you are so tired. maybe i should try and not let the days drag on so much.

and later this week, i’ve invited my favorite newlywed couple to poker night. that should be a fun night. i haven’t seen chris or siam in ages. i wonder if they look the same. maybe married life has changed them forever. i’m trying to remember when the last time i saw them was…it could have been their wedding! wow.

there are other people who i do want to keep in touch with and i do feel rather disconnected from them. i know that my friend, jason, told me once that he felt like he knew all of the things that were going on in my life because he is kept up to date by reading my page. i felt the complete opposite because i had no idea what was going on in his life.

the art of the root beer float

until today, i thought that you cannot mess up a root beer float. there are too few ingredients and too few combinations possible where you could make a mistake. but i was wrong. i tihnk that depending on the root beer that you use, it rather dramatically changes the composition of the root beer float.

i think that i have a preference for barq’s root beer, but i haven’t had a&w for so long that i think i’m going to have to go buy them both to find out which works out better. just to note, the safeway select root beer does not work so well.