oh man

[url=http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/local/8190100.htm]i don’t live here[/url] but i live very, very close to this place. in fact, i think i can see it from where i currently live. this was one of the apartment complexes that i was going to live at. man, that’s scary.


hope for a good DSL install

think good happy thoughts for my DSL install. please. today is my install date for DSL. i thought that i’d be extra cute and i would wait until the minute that the day starts and i would try and setup the DSL here. but, alas, no. such is not the case, things don’t work as smoothly as one would expect. so i did the inevitable. i called sbc support to see what’s going on.

i actually didn’t wait very long (though it is 1AM) before i talked to a customer service representative. he was very nice and helpful and informed me that the blinking red light of mine means that the DSL line isn’t trained yet and hasn’t come up. that much i knew. i asked if it was reasonable for me to expect it to be working by now. this is when he informed me that the line can go live anytime before 6PM. ugh. looks like i won’t know until i get home from work tomorrow now whether or not there will be a problem with my DSL install. for now, the DSL modem is happily reporting that the DSL line is not up.

this leads me to believe that a work order must be made and people manually activate this line instead of having it run on some kind of automated schedule. sigh. why waste people’s time like this, i don’t know. but yeah. i ordered the DSL last monday so hopefully today’s activation will be done early in the day. i think it’s just wishful thinking for me to hope that it’ll be fixed before i leave for work though. oh well.

but once i get the DSL installed, i’ll happily be zipping away at hopefully much faster speeds. i’ve heard a lot of horror stories about people getting screwed with their DSL install, so we’ll see if this one is bad or not. i’m optimisitic, let’s hope that this optimism isn’t misplaced.

come on, yahoo sbc! don’t let me down!