dsl weirdness

last night my DSL was on the fritz. it makes me happy that i’m switching over, i just hope that the new DSL will be reliable and fast. we’ll see. but while the dsl was out, i was very annoyed at the inconsistent service. really annoyed. i guess i just take internet service for granted and when it’s gone, i’m left paralyzed. is that sad? hmmm.


most of the time

most of the time, i’m pretty ok. but every once in a while, something’ll happen and i’ll get struck with a wave of sadness. it’ll just come crashing down on me with the fury of a tornado on a rampage. it’ll cut down into me like a thousand razor blades sprung to life cutting into me searching for something they will never find…and in their wake, they leave my shredded remains.

and then i’ll find something to occupy my time so that my mind won’t dwell on such things. today, it was all about cleaning my room. nine garbage bags later, my room is beginning to look pretty decent. it’s a lot more roomy than before, though i’m tempted to go even one step farther and really start shuffling things around. i’m not sure what’ll come of it. we’ll see.

i also decided to put up some ornamental hangings in my bathroom. the bathroom walls were a little empty and so i put up some decorations that i had for a long while now. i guess it’s better. i don’t know.

i think that i’m going to do some work on the wall project tonight as well. i think that instead of going for the top trim as i had started, i’m going to do something a little more bold.