flashy, flashy!

last week i had a little accident with my flash. i had tripod mounted the camera and flash and i was taking pictures when i accidentally tripped over my tripod sending it crashing down. the flash snapped off the hot shoe mount on my camera and the plastic hot shoe on the flash broke right off.

i was devastated.

after the initial shock, i finally got around to finding out how one would go about fixing something like this. i went to a few camera stores and it seems to be pretty typical that they will send out the equipment to an authorized canon repair shop and the turnaround time is anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks on average. there is a non-refundable $20 deposit to get an estimate of how much the repair will cost and flash repairs generally run between $60-150. just lovely.

but then i found kamera korner. it’s a tiny shop in san jose that does in-house repairs. their prices are fair, but more importantly their staff is friendly and helpful. a very different staff compared to san jose camera, who i hate. i swear, those salespeople must think that they are doing you a favor by acknowledging your existance. stupid arrogant bastards. it used to be that the only way you can get their attention/respect is if you buy only the best of the best gear and if you buy a lot. anyway, i digress.

kamera korner is a pretty good shop, they buy/sell/repair camera gear for all types of brands. they have a nice vintage selection of cameras both 35mm and medium format. very cool.