mom and sister

my mom and my sister gave me [url=]a bottle of one-a-day men’s health formula[/url] and [url=]AmLactin lotion[/url]. though not as bad as previous years where my mom gave me hair tonic because she thought that i was balding, i don’t quite understand why they give me these kind of health products.

are they implying that i don’t look healthy? are they implying that they don’t think that i’m eating well and my diet needs this supplement? are they saying that my skin looks rough and dry? ummm…yeah.


after work today i went to compusa to pick up the current hard drive sale. this is all in part for the xbox hacking that i’m planning to do soon. the modchip is on its way and i’m reading up on how to install linux and other interesting things onto the xbox. i decided to get a 200GB hard drive. i originally was going to go much smaller, but with the hard drive sale, i guess it can never really hurt to have more hard drive space than less.

i still haven’t opened the xbox that my friends gave me, though. i guess that i should open it. my brother even lent me some xbox games that he has so that i can play…i just haven’t gotten around to setting up the xbox to play the games. all in due time, i suppose.

i think that i have everything i need for the mod, it’s just a matter of time for the xbox modchip to come to me. ahhh, come here, chippy!


bittorrent, part 2

as someone had suggested, i downloaded azureus, the java bittorrent client. i must say that the client is very pretty and it is everything that i would expect a p2p client to be. so, so much better than bittornado.

performance appears to be better with this client as well, so that makes me reasonably happy. we’ll see how it goes. i guess my first experience with bittorrent is also a little unfair because i’m downloading a 7GB torrent.



one of the reasons why i am not particularly fond of bittorrent is because each instance of bittorrent is independent of each other. this is bad for me because i have a limited upload rate. as a result, when my uploads reach my upper limit, my internet connection slows to a crawl. this, by itself, isn’t a big deal except for the fact that it limits me to downloading only one thing at a time. sure, i can set my upload rate low for each torrent, but i haven’t figured out what the relationship is with upload rate and download rate, but they seem related to each other somehow.

oh well, the one thing that i do like about bittorrent is that it appears to have a more steady rate of acquiring stuff compared to overnet. the thing i really, really hate about bittorrent is that it requires the use of a seed and it doesn’t have a built in searching mechanism. so unless someone has published the seed to something that i want AND i can find that seed, i won’t be able to get it.