tea with geoff

i met up with geoff tonight at hydration where we had some tea and chilled out. i got caught up with what’s been going on in geoff’s life. it’s interesting to see the life of a student. it’s been so long for me that i forget what it’s like sometimes.

the two of us waxed philosophy for a while and eventually got around to looking at some pictures. geoff’s taking a photography class right now and it’s very interesting to see the projects he’s involved in and some of the things that they are teaching him about. i have to admit that some of the stuff went over my head…things like balance and counterbalance and other design concepts.

it’s hard for me to articulate what makes a good image, but i know it when i see it and i know what the best ways are to have a higher percentage at making a better picture. i really enjoyed talking about photography with geoff and i really liked some of the pictures that he took.

the two of us are going to get together on monday and do some photography work. i think that it’ll be pretty cool. it’s weird but i look forward to doing geoff’s homework just for fun. imagine that. what a weirdo i am.

later in that evening, we found ourselves in a dark alley in east san jose. there was a car parked in front of us where a couple was getting it on. i won’t go into the details of why we were in a dark alley in an unsafe part of town, but that was definitely one of the last places that i thought that i’d be at on a friday night. it was an interesting experience.