tea with dardy, yo.


i had tea with dardy at the new san jose q-cup. this location is, by far, the WORST q-cup location i’ve ever been to. the complete lack of ambiance and cheap look of this q-cup was really disappointing to see. the quality of the drink, however, is pretty much on par with the chain. so if you need a quick fix, this is the place to go, otherwise, go elsewhere.

dardy was reunited with his puma jacket that i got from carol who got it from alice who found it at her place after dardy left it there after carol’s birthday celebration…man, her birthday was back in november or something. that was a long time ago. he seemed happy to be reunited with his jacket and what the first thing he did when he was reunited with it?

he gave it a good whiff.

no, he didn’t try it on, he inhaled deeply.

heh. only dardy.


xbox modding

i’ve ordered the mod chip for the xbox and now i just need to buy a hard drive for the blasted thing so that i can get on my merry way. i was thinking that i may end up installing linux on it, just for fun. and the more and more i think about it, the idea of making it a media center is becoming more attractive. maybe that’s what this mod will ultimately end up doing.

it’s kind of freaky buying a mod chip, there seem to be a lot of sketchy places out there selling them…but then again, i guess modding your xbox to begin with is kind of sketchy.


uh oh

i seem to have lost my cell phone. i’m not sure when i last saw it, but i think it could have been last thursday. where oh where did my cell phone go?

i guess i don’t use it enough to notice it missing until now. =P