happy birthday

happy birthday to me!

thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today, it means a lot to me that you remembered.

my brother ordered me felt so that my table can now be felt-covered for poker nights. my sister ordered me a reflector to complete my lightning equipment purchases for my camera gear and tomorrow, the umbrella, light stands, and light clamps i ordered are supposed to be shipped to the office. mmmmm, it’s all coming together.


it has been an exhausting week so far. i’ve been working on preparations for these off-site meetings that the company has me going to. for the past two days i’ve been in san francisco attending 8 hour meetings. it has been exhausting, especially because the meetings start very early in the morning. i’ve been driving to oakland and then taking the BART to the embarcadero station every morning.

i must say that taking BART brings back some memories for me. the last time i took BART with any kind of regularity was back in college. BART was my primary method of transportation back home from college. it hasn’t changed much, but there are cameras now inside the trains to monitor what’s going on. fares have also increased since i last used BART.

but i’ve been exhausted. mentally, physically, and emotionally. these past few weeks have been particularly trying for me and i’ve been in need of some kind of release or relaxation.

on monday i stepped onto the volleyball court for the first time in over a month. it felt good to be able to play again. i definitely am not 100% though and i’ve lost about 3 to 4 inches in my vertical. i’m hoping that over time my ankle will strengthen up and i’ll be able to play again.

last night i spent most of the evening working and preparing for the meeting that i had today. i spent a lot of time and energy getting this stuff prepared and done so that today’s meeting would be more productive.

and today…well, after the meeting, i was hoping to chill out a little and i called thanh to see if she wanted to hang out for a little bit since i was in the city, but it turned out that she had already gone home for the day! go figure! the one day that i’m in the city and she ends up being at home. heh.

and tonight some people had wanted to go out but i just wasn’t up for it. the last couple of weeks have been pretty sad for me and i just don’t feel much in the festive mood to go out. so instead, tonight, i stayed in, took a nap, and spent the evening quietly.


busy busy

the last two days i’ve been in a meeting. that’s right: A meeting. monday was the kickoff of an incredibly painful meeting, yesterday was an 8 hour meeting…all day…one meeting…ugh.

anyway, today should be the end of the ridiculously long meetings…at least until friday. so i’ve been busy. hopefully, i’ll be freed up soon.