can’t let it go to waste

i’m not sure where it is that i picked it up from, but somewhere, somehow, sometime ago, this spirit of not wasting food was instilled in me. i don’t know why that was the case. growing up, i was never really faced with the problem of wasting food because we never really had food leftover. we always had enough food to eat, but never really too much to waste. we just happened to eat it all up.

latetly, though, i feel compelled to finish whatever food i make or whatever food i have in front of me because otherwise it would be a waste. and i don’t know why i’m so adverse to having leftovers. i think a large part of it comes from the fact that i’m lazy and i don’t want to carry the leftovers with me…plus, leftovers never really taste better than the first serving.

i wonder why it is that i just can’t let it go to waste.

the other day, we were having ice cream cake and ann was about to throw away some ice cream cake because she couldn’t finish it. i yelped for the cake and quickly took it up before it could be thrown away and finished the last bit of it. i mean, come on, it’s ICE CREAM CAKE. you can’t throw that away!


squabble, squabble

i’ve heard before that it is the tendency of women to squabble about petty things and get bitchy more easily than men do. i’ve heard before that a group of women have a higher tendency to get catty, whereas a group of guys wouldn’t.

i think it was [url=]dardy[/url] who said that girls in groups will get catty and start fighting amongst themselves. i guess it really depends on what kind of girls are involved. but today i witnessed such a squabble and it was pretty frightening.


amazon nickels

i haven’t seen them in a while, so i’m guessing that amazon has stopped their amazon nickels promotion, but it was good while it lasted. i only had $2.50 worth of nickels saved up, but i finally got around to using it today. what did i get?

i finally broke down and ordered the [url=]creative labs muvo 4GB player[/url]. though amazon says that you can preorder it, it looks like they are actually shipping them out. I told myself that if i find it again for $200, i’d grab one and rip it apart for the hitachi microdrive. what i can’t figure out is how hitachi wants to sell this drive for $500 retail, yet devices that use this drive are much, much less. this must mean that hitachi is giving these manufacturers a huge price discount. i just don’t see why.

from what i hear, the apple ipod mini also uses the 4GB microdrive, but i haven’t heard too much about people hacking the ipod mini yet. there are rumors that hitachi turned off CF support or something which makes it useless for digital camera users.

i also ordered an ice cream maker. why? i don’t really know. it was cheap! it looks neat! i’ve always wanted to make ice cream. we’ll see if this will live up to all of the hype.