you know, it’s weird. at work, i’m coding all day and complaining about how draining it is to be coding all day. i tackle the problems of user management, ACLs, and all sorts of other technical things that are not particularly exciting, but still very much a part of my job.

and so one would think that on the weekend, i would be doing something drastically different to get away from the toils of the week. but what am i doing instead on a gloriously sunny saturday afternoon?

i’m writing the code to handle the authentication and user management of the pearl tea review site. the first phase of this project has been done for a while now, but it’s time for me to move on to the next part. letting the users submit reviews of their own! of course, that comes with a whole set of other issues. first the user needs to be able to create their own account. then they need to be able to edit their password and manage their account. and what if they forgot their password? they’ll need some way to retrieve it.

and then there’s the whole notion of whether or not i want to have some kind of approval process for reviews or if i should just let users post whatever they want. decisions, decisions.

oh well, at least i have a personal interest in this project.


average joe

the new season of average joe is airing. the basic premise of this show is that the average joe who wasn’t selected from season one comes back and he now gets to choose from the girls. a quick twist in the show was presented in the last episode. the women who were picked for adam were not raging beauty queens, but they were still cute and fun people.

some other guys from the first season of average joe were tasked with the job to pick the hottest women they could find to tempt adam to choose beauty over compatibility. when the 5 swimsuit models were presented to adam, he was shocked and conflicted. he remembered how he felt when the hot studs were brought into the show and he didn’t want anyone else to feel like that.

what was admirable was that adam talked to the show’s producers and told him he didn’t think it was fair that these models come into the show. he said that he has a loyalty to the first group of women and it’s just not right to introduce these women to the group. the producers told him that the philosophy of the show is that adam is always the one who is allowed to do what he wants and he has to go with his gut. so adam decided to excuse this new batch of women on account of his loyalty to the first group of women.

i was shocked. after my initial shock, i was quite impressed at adam’s integrity. you just don’t see that very often.