safeway bakers are brilliant

as part of nosh thursday, the company provided a cake of sorts for us to snack on in the morning hours. this was not your typical pastry. no. the bakers are safeway are an inspired lot and they created the coffe cake bear claw.

oh. my. god.

coffee cake? good.

bear claw? good.

put them together? pretty damn good. this is a great idea that i think needs to be further explored. the safeway version itself was good, but i think that there is an untapped potential here that requires further exploration. this is probably almost as inspired of an idea as the fried twinkie.


meeting tow

i met up with [url=]adam[/url] yesterday at the cupertino q-cup to get my lighting gear back and to talk a little shop. i feel like i haven’t gone out on a real photo shoot for a long time now. he had told me that he had gone on a bike trip earlier in the day so i asked him if he brought his camera with him while biking. he laughed and said he wouldn’t take the beast biking with him, it’s just too big.

it made me wonder about bringing my big camera with me. i think that i will bring the elph with me next time and see how that goes for me.