volleyball craziness

i forgot to mention all of the volleyball craziness that has been happening lately. my monday night team captain accidentally registered us for wednesday nights instead of monday nights this season. apparently there was some confusion about how check boxes work and we got registered for the wrong night. but our team was able to play that night so we’re now playing on wednesday nights!

as a result, i picked up another team on monday nights. we played last monday and it was a lot of fun. hopefully it’ll continue to be this fun throughout the season, but from what i saw there were a lot of teams that were better this season, so we’ll see how we fare. we did manage to win all four games, though, so that was good. there is another strong hitter and two good setters on this team so i look forward to playing more.


she’s back

shirley’s back from her month long vacation. i picked her up from the airport and took her back home. after returning johnny, trang, carolyn, shirley, and i hit korea house for some dinner. it was good, but i wasn’t particularly hungry so i didn’t end up eating much.

after dinner we retired back to shirley’s where i proceeded to tinker with her broken laptop. let me just say that i have absolutely no clue how to troubleshoot a mac so this was a bit of an exercise in what seemed like futility.

i found a few knowledge base articles to help step me through the process. who would have thought that holding down various keys would boot the mac into different modes? command, option, P, and R to reset the PRAM or something? what the?! ok…

very different from the PC. after about an hour of tinkering with it, though, i finally was able to get it back up and running. i’d try and explain what i did to fix it, but i’m not totally sure i know, so we’ll just say that i did stuff and it got fixed.

there was a moment in tonight’s conversation where i was reminded that i do not enjoy geeking out when i’m surrounded by people who are also non-techies. i don’t know…i don’t particularly care to alienate anyone when i’m in mixed company like that. so usually when something like that happens i generally tend to play dumb and pretend that i don’t really know what’s going on.

all in all it was a good day. i can’t wait for the rest of the week to come to a close. big weekend coming up…hope it’ll be fun.