what am i up to?

that’s the big question of the day…

well, i have been slaving away on this new project. it’s an interesting project of sorts, but is driving me a little crazy. still trying to understand other people’s code so i can pick it up and start extending it. but enough work talk.

today is the big day that my dear friend comes back from vacation. not really sure what the plan is for tonight, but i think that korea house is involved somewhere. mmmmm. korea house.

my back is still a little achy, i may have to go down to our admin’s desk and ask for some medicine to ease my woes. lunch time is near, but i got into work pretty late today so though lunch time usually marks the ending of my day such is not the case today. i’ll be here until 5pm.

it seems so long and far away. i’m not sure if i’ll be able to manage. but i do think that i will be making my way over to get some egg custard tarts later today. 3 for a $1. how can you beat that?