on marriage…

a friend sent me this [url=http://www.psychologytoday.com/htdocs/prod/PTOArticle/pto-20040301-000001.asp]article on marriage[/url].

it’s a bit of a long read, but basically this article talks about how as a society we may be asking too much out of our potential partners. that we may be asking to find the perfect soulmate and if the person doesn’t live up to their expectations then marriages dissolve. they then suggest that maybe, just maybe we should really just find someone who is ok enough to marry and not have such high and lofty expectations. they later go on to say that marriage is more about working with each other than it is about finding the perfect person.

my first reaction to the article was one of violent disagreement. i do not think that anyone should settle for any less than their soulmate. i think that a soulmate is essential to find if you want a happy, successful marriage. i think the difference is that i do not think that your soulmate has to be perfect in every regard. i do not believe that your soulmate has to fit all of these criteria that you think is your perfect spouse. no, i think that a soulmate is someone who is perfect for you.

A committed relationship allows you to drop pretenses and seductions, expose your weaknesses, be yourself—and know that you will be loved, warts and all. “A real relationship is the collision of my humanity and yours, in all its joy and limitations,” says Real.

i think that a successful relationship is one where you accept each other as they are and from there grows the bond of a true love.


i went to nations for breakfast this morning and had a sausage omelette, two pieces of toast and hash browns. mmmm. pretty good. nation’s idea of what an omelette is, however, is very different from what i was expecting. they basically take cut up pieces of sausage and wrap it around scrambled eggs. still, pretty good, and i’m quite full and ready to handle the 4 hours of meetings scheduled for me today.


hate to admit it but…

i think that i am donut’d out. i think i had 5 krispy kreme donuts yesterday. man…that can’t be good for you. it simply cannot be good. i did not eat dinner either. it must be the high caloric intake of the donuts that let my body just go on without the aid of substantial food.

i do feel obligated now, however, to eat something more substantial today. not sure what exactly i feel like, but something tells me that my body needs something. maybe i’ll hop over to nations and have breakfast. that sounds like a good idea to me. mmmm.

who knew the day would come where i would not want a donut?


new imac

i don’t know about you, but i have to say that [url=http://www.apple.com/imac/]the new imac[/url] looks pretty cool…and i hate macs. but still, apple has consistently been innovative enough to impress me with their amazing design concepts and execution.

i’m not so sure what your options are in terms of upgrades, but i am pretty impressed with the new imac. enough to get one? nah. but still, it’s come a long way since the imac first came out. we still have one of the classic imacs in the apartment, though. it’s now a glorified mp3 player.