online dating

yeah…i’m thinking about it. it isn’t something that i really have put a lot of thought into, but i hear more and more people doing it and having good results. but i still have reservations…

but you know, as i read these profiles it definitely makes me wonder. just how many of these are completely honest? i mean you never see:

“SAF seeking hot SAM who does not mind needy, dependent women interested in gold digging.”

i think that things would be much more entertaining if people were completely honest like that.


time for a haircut

it used to be that when i was in a relationship i would know when i would need to get a haircut because i would be told that i’d need one. after i was single, i used to know that i’d have to get a haircut because [url=]paul[/url] would get a haircut and that would be a good indication to me that it was probably time for me to get a haircut too.

but lately, paul’s haircuts have been less and less regular and his hair has been growing longer and longer so i no longer have that guide to go by. but i do think that i’m long overdue for a haircut so it’s time to go back and get a haircut.

lately i’ve been entertaining the idea of coloring my hair again. i do remember that i enjoyed it the last time i did it many years ago…but i do remember the amount of grief i got too from all of my friends and family…especially my family. my poor mom almost went into shock.

anyhow, off to start the weekend!