trying days…

it’s thursday. last night’s launch went miserable. everything that could go wrong went wrong and everything that i wanted just didn’t seem to go my way. on top of that was the pressure to make it to volleyball.

i ended up working from 6pm to 9pm last night trying to finish up a baby software launch. i anticipated that this task would take me about 30 minutes. little did i know that it would become one of the most unnerving experiences i’ve had in a long while.

after finishing up with that, i was waffling about going to volleyball or not. i just wasn’t in a very good mood, flustered, really. and it takes a lot to fluster me. so i was thinking about calling and telling my teammates that i couldn’t make it, but after some consideration (and the fact that i ditched out on them last week) i decided to go and play.

i am happy that i went, though. the play was good and i did have a chance to work off that frustration.