sometimes i feel like i’m so worn down that i just don’t really have the will to fight anymore.

when i get to such a phase in my life, i generally try to find something that will motivate me to make a difference again.

so…what is it going to take to make that difference now?

the $2 danish

after getting into work today i was so hungry i wasn’t sure if i would be able to make it to lunch. by the time it was 8, i knew that i wouldn’t be able to hold out any longer so i went over to the local coffee shop and looked at the pastry selection. the first coffee shop i went to didn’t have my favorite donut so, dejected, i went to the other coffee shop that was nearby. i was originally looking for this cheesecake thing but they didn’t have it and i almost left twice as sad.

but it wasn’t for naught because i spied this danish that looked really good. it was about 8 inches in diameter and it was the last one i the display. it looked so lonely so i had to get it and help fulfill its danish destiny.

but the cashier told me that it was $2, i was a little surprised. “it had better me a good danish!” i thought to myself.

and now that i just finished it, let me just say…man, that was one good danish.


big beach bbq

i have been meaning to look at the pictures that i took at the big beach bbq, but i haven’t had a chance yet. so i guess i’ll write about it first and then post pictures later. this year’s bbq was considerably smaller than that of previous years but this may have been one of my more favorite bbqs i’ve thrown. maybe it’s because i was able to chat with everyone a little bit and that was nice.

there were a few faces that i hadn’t seen in a while and so it was good to be able to catch up with them as well as some new faces that i hadn’t seen before as well. but i think what i enjoyed most about the bbq was just how relaxing it felt. there wasn’t really much stress about putting it together or making sure everyone was happy or anything. it just seemed a lot more chill this year than years past.

i have to give many thanks to diana, jen, and jimmy who went early to stake a spot and set up the spot. jimmy and paul did a lot of good grilling too and that is always heavily appreciated. all in all it was good relaxing fun and i hope that everyone else who went had just as much fun as i did.