next netflix batch

the next batch of movies i’m getting from netflix are movies that i would not ordinarily watch, but have been recommended to me from various people. love & sex is the first of the bunch because it stars the fabulously attractive famke janssen. strictly ballroom because i just recently watched (and loved) moulin rouge and apparently this is the first of that trilogy of movies. and lastly amelie because so many people have loved it and have told me that i have to watch it.

quite different from my last batch of torque, 50 first dates, and the sandlot. but i think that i’ll trust people’s opinions and suggestions and see how it goes. i was quite surprised at the sandlot and moulin rouge so maybe i’ll be pleasantly surprised with these movies too.


egg tarts

on the suggestion of one of the readers of the site, i went and got the three egg custard tarts for $1 at ruby king bakery. oh man, were they good!

i went to the bakery and asked for the custard tarts. the woman asked how many. i said three. she smiled with a knowing nod and then charged me a dollar for them.

wow, what a steal! i was skeptical at first about how good it will be given the cost, but man…those were some good tarts. mmmm.

but now that i’ve eaten three of them, i don’t think my stomach is very happy with me. i think i forgot to eat dinner last night so i think it is angry at me right now. maybe i should go and look for some food.

crazy weekend

my original plans for the weekend involved mountain biking, kayaking, volleyball, and hiking. i think that it may now be whittled down to mountain biking and volleyball. we’ll see. i guess the summer days are slowly winding down so i should take advantage of the outdoors while i can.

i do look forward to rain hiking, though…

i am thinking about having a chill weekend instead, though. for some reason i’ve been feeling pretty tired lately and i think that it’s about time to just crash and relax. we’ll just have to see how the weekend goes.