movie marathon

i just watched amelie and i thought it was ok. the movie started out with great potential and a lot of quirkiness, but it just didn’t grab my attention. i did like the little plots and schemes, but i think at the end of the day, the kind of love story that i like revolves around either an unrequited love or the relentless pursuit of a loved one.

the movie that really surprised me was love and sex starring famke janssen and jon favreau. i thought it was going to be some kind of trashy B movie, but i really liked the plot. maybe because it did hit close to home with the on again, off again relationship. it wasn’t so much that the movie gave hope to me about love as much as it was nice to see the good guy win one in the end. as impossible as it may seem, the couple was able to overcome such odds and prosper. it definitely gave me the warm fuzzies and i recommend the movie. it is not your typical love story.


let’s meat

i was talking to john the other day and i was telling him that i’m beginning to appreciate tri-tip more and more these days. it took me a while to really like this cut of meat. i’ve always been pretty partial to new york steak and i think that it may be one of my favorite cuts of meat. but more recently, i’m beginning to discover the joy of tri-tip and it is good.

a lot of it has to deal with making sure that you cut it the right way. who knew? but anyway, i was telling john that we should have dinner and eat some meat. “let’s meat!” i told him.

[url=]dardy[/url] told me that he wanted to get together before leaving for his big italy trip so i decided to make dinner and have some people over. [url=]paul[/url], [url=]leeya[/url], mike, john, greg, trang, [url=]ray[/url], dardy, mia, and i had dinner. in honor of meating, i made 5 filets of cajun catfish, 3 tri-tips, 1 rack of ribs, 6 ears of corn, roasted vegetables, and two loaves of garlic bread.

we gorged…but still had leftovers. go figure.

mmmm, good food, though. it’s been a while since i had a big group of people over. it was a nice change.


someone like me

Someone Like Me
-Atomic Kitten

Don’t let your head rule your heart
Don’t let your world be torn apart
Don’t keep it all to yourself
Just let all your emotions free
With someone like me
That’s they way it should be
Someone like me

I know it’s hard
When your feelin’ down
To lift your feet up off the ground
We make mistakes
But doesn’t everybody
You don’t always have
To agree with someone like me
That’s the way it should be
Someone like me

We know the story so far
(What you want and who you are)
What you want and who you are (free)
Let all you emotions run free
You don’t always have to agree
With someone like me
That’s the way it should be
Someone like me
Someone like me