$50 limit on gas pumps

i was surprised to find out that the gas pump stopped filling my tank out when it reached the $50 mark. i knew that my tank wasn’t full yet, but it still stopped filling the tank with gas after it hit $50.

i have two reasons for why this could be the case. firstly, and most importantly, i bet that the gas pumps preapprove your credit card for a $50 charge. so when you put in your card, it preapproves it for that amount, so you can’t excede that, because it hasn’t determined if you can cover it. secondly, i bet it’s also a safety issue. $50 worth of spilled gas isn’t nearly as bad as a pump just spewing out an unlimited amount of gas everywhere (ala zoolander model fun at the gas station).

but anyhow, it’s annoying that i couldn’t fill up my tank. grrr. stupid gas prices. i think i filled up at like $2.71 / gallon today. ridiculous!

4 thoughts on “$50 limit on gas pumps”

  1. but how much do you spend on transportation in the big apple? i admit, i spend a lot of money but i commute 100 miles a day so it can’t be helped. =P

  2. damn!!! i didn’t realize that gas prices in CA had gone so high!! i’m here complaining with about prices being just over $2/gallon.

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