unintentional pick up line

i was playing volleyball the other night and there was this girl sitting on the sidelines that looked very familiar. inbetween points, i’d glance over at her and she’d sort of look back with what seemed like a reciprocal recognition. finally, in the middle of the game i realized where i had remembered her from and what her name was.

after the games, i went up to her and said:

me: hi. do i know you from somewhere?
her: uhhh, no, i don’t think so.
me: is your name Angel?
her: nope.
me: oh. i’m sorry. it’s just that you look like this Angel that i know.

immediately after that all her friends were like “ooooooh!” i had then realized what i had said and then blurted out “oh no! that’s not what i meant!”

man, if only i were that smooth intentionally…

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