white balance

i learned something very important about white balance this weekend. though i love the 20D, its automatic white balance certainly leaves a lot to be desired. i didn’t think it made much of a difference until i started to compare some pictures i had shot in RAW with their JPG equivalents. i think that i may be doing a lot more custom white balancing in the future. when did taking a picture become so much work?

2 thoughts on “white balance”

  1. When out shooting, when I forget to do a custom white balance, I adjust it in the RAW converter in CS or in the Canon software.

    If you shoot in tungsten a lot (regular lightbulb) use the tungsten icon for WB on the camera.

    Photography is not ‘easy’ but that’s why they pay me the big bucks, eh?

  2. yeah, i don’t like shooting in RAW very much. i’m just lazy, but i definitely see the advantages to it. not quite a convert yet, though!

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