coming and going

i’m not sure what it is that is getting me so nostalgic, but i’ve been thinking a lot lately about life, universe, and everything. wait, it must be because the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy open this friday! but i digress.

i have been thinking about how much life seems to change. it seems that friends seem to come and go, it makes you wonder what it is about certain people that draws you to them and what makes one person a keeper while another a passerby.

just recently, i had chatted with some friends who i haven’t heard from in ages. when i had first met them, they had become my life. i did everything with them. eat, play, and even vacation with them. and i don’t know what happened but there was some distance that came between us and we sort of just drifted apart. other people came into my life, more people left. it seems like a rotating door.

but it does leave me to wonder, what is it about some people that have come into my life that stay? what is it about others that i meet and just as quickly forget?

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