amazon nickels

i haven’t seen them in a while, so i’m guessing that amazon has stopped their amazon nickels promotion, but it was good while it lasted. i only had $2.50 worth of nickels saved up, but i finally got around to using it today. what did i get?

i finally broke down and ordered the [url=]creative labs muvo 4GB player[/url]. though amazon says that you can preorder it, it looks like they are actually shipping them out. I told myself that if i find it again for $200, i’d grab one and rip it apart for the hitachi microdrive. what i can’t figure out is how hitachi wants to sell this drive for $500 retail, yet devices that use this drive are much, much less. this must mean that hitachi is giving these manufacturers a huge price discount. i just don’t see why.

from what i hear, the apple ipod mini also uses the 4GB microdrive, but i haven’t heard too much about people hacking the ipod mini yet. there are rumors that hitachi turned off CF support or something which makes it useless for digital camera users.

i also ordered an ice cream maker. why? i don’t really know. it was cheap! it looks neat! i’ve always wanted to make ice cream. we’ll see if this will live up to all of the hype.

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  1. heavy cream. You can buy it from Costco or your local supermarket, should be right by the milk and come in similar-looking cartons. Sometimes called “heavy whipping cream”, same
    difference. This is _not_ buttermilk.

    The maker should have come with some recipes, so you can get started there. If you need more recipes, feel free to e-mail me.

    – Dave

  2. We have an ice cream maker at home. You have to really put a lot of fat into the mixture to make it not taste ice-y. And make sure to really freeze the mixing bowl for a good 24 hours before you use it. We only got the single-bowl maker, but now we wish we got the double.

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